In Memory of Joe Waring & Robbie Roberts

Joe & Robbie



In Memory of Bonnie Bussey


We will miss your warm smile.

We will miss your bad jokes.

We will miss the way you said Hello with

 that slightly irked tone.

We will miss your laugh, which was like no other, and often laughed harder when we called you on it.

We will miss your stubborn temper.

We will miss your outspokenness.

We will miss your advice which was always well placed and never forced

We will miss your wisdom, which you gave for our good.

We will miss seeing you.

We will miss your friendship.

We will miss calling you just to talk.

We will miss your kindness to man and beast alike.

We forgot to tell you good-bye.

We forgot to tell you thanks.

We forgot to tell you what you meant to us.

We forgot to tell you ....

And now we can't forget the emptiness in our hearts and know, Bonnie, that you always will be in our hearts and remembered as a dear Friend. 



Donations that this club has received from Bonnie's friends and loved one's will be given in her name to the Southeastern Guide Dog Association.  A brick with her name will be purchased by the Dog Obedience Club of Lee County and placed in their walk of fame.




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