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Who We Are. . .


The Dog Obedience Club of Lee County is located in the Fort Myers area. Founded in 1983, we are an AKC sanctioned, not-for-profit organization dedicated to making dogs better citizens through training. Whether you wish to compete in obedience or just want a well-behaved companion and best friend, we can help you train your dog.

Our instructors have all raised and trained dogs from a variety of breeds and have achieved AKC Obedience titles on their dogs. They actively compete in AKC obedience, rally, agility, tracking and more.




What we do . . .


We offer classes from Canine Good Citizen through obedience competition as well as rally obedience and puppy training and socialization.

The club is involved in many activities throughout the year. We attend festivals and fairs doing demonstrations and promoting responsible dog ownership. In January we hold the club’s Obedience and Rally Trial and throughout the year we offer Canine Good Citizen testing and hold Show N Go’s. See our Events and Classes schedules for any upcoming events.










Beyond Obedience . . .

There are so many wonderful dog sports available today such as agility, flyball, tracking, dock diving as well as therapy dog visits. Obedience training is the first step for many of them. Although we do not teach classes for these we can probably help you find the right place. A well behaved dog is a plus for anything you want to do!





Members Only

Please contact us at or call 239-995-7110

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